Dough My Dear Play Dough - Teal

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Dough My Dear is a luxurious range of Play Dough for kids, mums and dads alike. The silky, soft and scented dough is perfect for playtime. It is an excellent tool for young children to build their fine motor skills, explore or to just be creative. For the young at heart it is a great tool to de-stress.

Teal is Irish cream scented.

Available in 3 sizes:

Petite - 90g

Medium - 190g

Grande - 300g

Dough My Dear Play Dough takes the upmost care in recreating what you see in these colour samples however there may be some slight variation due to monitor screen, phone settings and just the general nature of the dough.

Dough My Dear Play Dough is made from food-grade ingredients however it is not meant to be eaten. As it is still regarded as a toy, the importance of adult supervision is paramount.