Arlo & Co Milestone Cards - Age Full Set

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Printed with (durable, UV cured) white inks onto natural bamboo or Etched onto plantation plywood.

The perfect way to capture precious milestones, these cards are unlike any others we've come across. 

Buy them as a gift, or for yourself. They make a beautiful keepsake, and could quite easily be used over and over again for each baby in your family. Mount them on the wall to make a gorgeous display afterwards, or gift them to a friend to share the love. 

This unique set of 13 Age Milestone Cards, designed and made exclusively by Arlo & Co include:

- 1 day old
- 1 month old through till 11 months old
- 1 year old

Size: 15cm x 10cm (approx. postcard size). Large enough to photograph clearly and easily alongside your babe.